A simple repository to compile, deploy and interact with smart contracts. Plus some extra usefule scripts.


  1. npm install –save solc

  2. npm list solc // To see the installed solc.js version

  3. If required, modify the pragma solidity^<solc_version> line of the .sol file accordingly.

  4. npm install fs-extra

  5. node compile.js

  6. For proper usage of the sendEth.js file, modify the privateKey and the receiverAddress variables accordingly.



  • /bin/ folder := The compiled bytecodes and ABIs are saved herein.

  • /contract/ folder := The smart contract files are saved in here.

  • /extra/ folder := Contains additional web3.js-based or ethers.js-based scripts to interact with smart contracts or simply transact in the blockchain from the backend.


  • compile_singleContract.js := Compiles the Inbox contract of the Inbox.sol file and saves the ABI and the Bytecode into the /bin/ folder. NOTE: Better not to execute this script, which is included mostly for the purpose of illustrating how to compile a single contract.

  • compile.js := Compiles all the contracts (Inbox & Forum) under the Inbox.sol umbrella, so that both ABIs are stored in /bin/ABI.json file, both bytecodes are saved in /bin/Bytecode.json file, and the order of compilation in both json files is stored into the /bin/Contracts.js .

  • deploy.js := Deploys the smart contracts onto a blockchain.

  • Inbox.sol := A solidity file containing two simple self-explanatory smart contracts not even interrelated among them.

  • sendEth.js := A script for sending ETH from a wallet (for which the private key is known) to another wallet. The vanilla network is Rinkeby Ethereum testnet but you may configure it to work on another network variable.


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