Changelog Generator

A simple tool to automate changelog generation during release process.


Go to your project git folder and run the script.

cd ~/my-project

npx github:10up/changelog-generator 

The script will:

  • Read all closed PRs within a milestone
  • Search for “Changelog” section in the PR description, take all records from it. Use PR title by default if no “Changelog” section found
  • Read all events from the PR and form participants list. Add participants as “props” to the entry.
  • Add link to the PR (via …) to the end of entry.
  • Check if one of known prefixes is applied to the changelog entry (Added, Changed, Deprecated, Removed, Fixed, Security)
  • If no prefix given, but @dependabot is in the list of participants, consider this is a “Secutiry” update, otherwise set “Other” prefix.

Command-line Arguments

–milestone, -m

(Required) Specify the name of target milestone to extract changelog entries from.

–pat, -p

(Optional) GitHub personal access token. Default is empty


(Optional) Custom GitHub repository address. Default is empty, use repository from the current folder.

–style, -s

(Optional) Output style

  • grouped Group changelog entries (Added, Fixed, etc.)
  • plain (default) plain list of changelog entries


(Optional) Disable debug output, only the resulting changelog will be printed.

Example with Simple Podcasting

Let’s create a changelog for the release version 1.2.3

git clone [email protected]:10up/simple-podcasting.git

cd simple-podcasting

npx github:10up/changelog-generator --milestone=1.2.3 --style=grouped

Output for “Grouped” style:

❯ npx github:10up/changelog-generator -m 1.2.3 --style=grouped --quiet
npx: installed 163 in 307.466s

## Changelog:

### Added
- Dependency security scanning. (props [@jeffpaul](, [@cadic]( via [#168](
- Default Pull Request Reviewers via `CODEOWNERS` file. (props [@jeffpaul](, [@cadic]( via [#156](
- Compatibility tests against PHP 7 and 8. (props [@cadic](, [@jeffpaul](, [@dkotter]( via [#150](

### Security
- Bump async from 2.6.3 to 2.6.4 (props [@dependabot[bot]](, [@jeffpaul](, [@cadic]( via [#166](
- Bump minimist from 1.2.5 to 1.2.6 (props [@dependabot[bot]](, [@cadic]( via [#160](
- Bump node-forge from 1.2.1 to 1.3.0 (props [@dependabot[bot]](, [@cadic]( via [#159](

### Changed
- Upgrade node dependencies (props [@cadic](, [@jeffpaul]( via [#163](
- Replaced custom commands with @10up/cypress-wp-utils in end-to-end tests (props [@dinhtungdu](, [@jeffpaul](, [@cadic]( via [#162](
- Upgrade wp-scripts, wp-env, cypress and other minor dependencies to latest versions (props [@cadic](, [@jeffpaul]( via [#158](
- Unit tests against PHP 8 (props [@cadic](, [@jeffpaul](, [@dkotter]( via [#150](
- Bump required PHP 7.0 (props [@cadic](, [@jeffpaul](, [@dkotter]( via [#150](

### Fixed
- Add `<enclosure>` to feed item. (props [@davexpression](, [@cadic](, [@jeffpaul]( via [#155](


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