88×31 Button Maker

Demo: https://sadgrlonline.github.io/88×31-button-maker/

What it is

This is a little generator that can make you a customized 88×31 button! You can change the text alignment, background, text color and border.

I felt spicy one day so I added a ‘retro mode’ that mimics the old look of the classic gray buttons.

How it works

This was created with HTML, CSS and Javascript. It uses functions and DOM events (such as a live preview and the ability to upload a background image). I am also using DOM-to-image to create a downloadable image from DOM elements.


This was one of my first real Javascript projects! I have re-written it countless times since then, lol. It was originally created with jQuery (which helped TREMENDOUSLY with me learning Javascript in general). I loved how jQuery allowed you to quickly ‘make cool things’ in a way that fuels further curiosity and hunger for creating.

I wanted to make this because I couldn’t find any button makers that worked super well or made designs that I was happy with. I made my button in a graphics editor but I wished it was just a little easier to make a quick button!

Feel free to use, adapt, and build upon! I hope to make some minor improvements in the future as well.


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