A JavaScript API for web3 Transaction and Authenticating

  • Lite Version All the features that chain.js has but it is compressed as fuck
  • Standard Version The normal Version, with only simple compression



Compatible wallets (latest Version)

  • Phantom
  • (Soon get Matamask Wallet added!)

Use cases

First of all, require the library using CommonJS syntax.
For the import use require

const chain = require("chain.js"); // CommonJS

chainJS Documentation

Written by OctoDino for Statch

Get Started

Cloning the Project from GitHub


$ git clone

GitHub CLI:

$ gh repo clone statch/chainjs

Initialize chain.js

chain.init([debugMode?])  //Load this first for the chain.js API
  • debugMode? is a Boolean where you can set if chainJS can use console.log! (Still in development)

Make a Transaction

How to make a Transaction between two Wallets? Here you have the chainJS Solution for it!

What do we use?

  • order is a const we write it like in the following example!

Code example

// Simple ETH payment
const chain = require('chainjs')
const transaction  = {
  currency:  'sol', //The Currency to use (at the time only solona aviable!)
  amount:  1.1234133, //Transaction amount in SOL
  test:  false, //Test switch the clusterApiUrl to 'devnet'
  wallet:  'enter wallet here', //Ge the transaction
  clusterApiUrl: '' //Leave blank for devnet   

In our const transaction = {...} we can define whith what currency our transaction is, and many more things. Let’s take a look

  • With the String Parameter currency we can declare the currency we want to use. But at the time we only Support sol!
  • In the amount Float Parameter we can add the amount of the currency that will be transferred. Here we write only the amount in SOL
  • The test Boolean Parameter toogle the Test Mode and switch the clusterApiUrl when true to devnet
  • The wallet String Parameter is to declerate the Wallet of the reciver of the transaction
  • With the String Parameter clusterApiUrl you can retrieves the RPC API URL for the specified cluster. Leave blank to set to devnet


How you can Support the project?
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