⚠️ This project is in early alpha. Expect a bunch of rough edges. ⚠️


Learn more by reading the official write-up.

Installation (currently only available from source)

Download Dual.zip and unzip it in .obsidian/plugins/. Follow the instructions in the plugin settings tab to continue. Arm yourself with patience!


ℹ️ After Step 2 is complete, your file structure should look something like:

.. Dual::
|-- skeleton
|   |-- conversational_wrapper.py
|   |-- core.py
|   |-- requirements.txt
|   |-- server.py
|   |-- util.py
|-- essence
|   |-- config.json
|   |-- pytorch_model.bin
|   |-- training_args.bin
|-- main.js
|-- manifest.json
|-- ...

ℹ️ If you sync your vault with git, make sure to add the following in .gitignore after the install:


Command Samples

Fluid Search

  • Find notes about topic.
  • Search for entries on topic.
  • Look up texts related to topic.

Descriptive Search

  • Find a entry which description.
  • Search for a note that description.
  • Look for a text which description.

Open Dialogue

  • question?


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