How to setup your development environment?

Before you can begin, you will need git, node, and a text editor.

If you are running Windows, we recommend you install and use Windows Subsystem for Linux. From your WSL terminal, follow the linux instructions linked below.

How to launch the app locally?

  1. If you haven’t already, ensure that your development environment is set up properly. Refer to the section above for tips.

  2. Fork this repository to your Github account.

    1. Click fork on the original repository as image below shows: picture showing how to fork the repository
    2. Give a suitable name (generally the original name itself) and click Create Fork.
    3. Go to the forked repository in your account.
  3. Clone the repository to your local environment.

    1. In Terminal, go to the folder where you would like to clone the repository to.
    2. Get a link to the repository as image below shows: alt text
    3. Run
    git clone {link_to_repository}
  4. Go into the repository. In Unix environment you can use cd command for this.

  5. Install dependencies frontend app needs to run. Run:

npm install

Note that you might need sudo permissions for that.

  1. Start backend. Run:
npm run start-json-server
  1. Start frontend. Run:
npm run start

How to start working on an issue?

  1. If you haven’t already, ensure that your app runs locally successfully. Refer to the section above for tips.
  2. Go to Issues tab in the repository and pick an issue. If you are just getting started, consider picking one of the issues that are marked as Easy.
  3. Thoroughly read issue description and make sure you understand it.
  4. Before writing/modifying any code, create a new branch in your local git. This is best practice in the industry – to create a separate branch for each issue you are working on.

How to send us you work for review

Create and submit a pull request to this repository. We personally review each pull request and share our feedback.

How to get help?

The best way is to ask a question in our Discord community. Please consider joining:


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