A small Discord moderation bot, without a command handler

Getting started (Add Star ⭐ <3)


📌 Requirements

  • Node.js
  • A code editor (visual studio code, atom, notepad++ etc)
  • Git

🗝 Step zero, making a Discord bot account

Go to https://discord.com/developers and make an application. After creating your application, you should have the option to create a bot user.

🗝 Step one, making the folder

Make a folder for which your bot’s coding will be in

🗝 Step two, opening powershell

Do shift + right click and select open powershell (or cmd depending on your PC)
Step two

🗝 Step three, initiating, type npm init

🗝 Step four, installing Discord.js

Now, you should type npm install discord.js, we are installing the discord.js module. Note: This will make a file called package-lock.json and a directory called node_modules, please don’t delete that.

🗝 Step five (I), getting your bot’s token

Get your bots token. Reminder, bot tokens are key information that gives complete access to your bot.

🗝 Step five (II), config.json

Place your bot’s token between the quotation marks, you can also edit the prefix if you’d like.
Step six

🗝 Step six, running your bot

Run your bot by typing node bot.js into your powershell/cmd

🗝 Step seven, adding your bot to your server

Use this link and replace client_id_here with your actual client ID

🎈 And your bot is running!

Enjoy the bot, updates are frequent so always return to replace your bot.js with the newest one.

🆘 Any errors?

If you’d like to come to me personally, join the ✨ support server


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