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About Tab Fixation

Tab Fixation is a small focus trap library coded in Vanilla JS & bundled up with rollup.

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox Safari Opera Edge
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Using npm:

$ npm install tab-fixation

Using yarn:

$ yarn add tab-fixation

Using unpkg CDN:

<script src=""></script>


import {initFixation, removeFixation} from 'tab-fixation';

if ( document.getElementById( 'parent_element' ) ) {

	// Init tab fixation.
	initFixation( 'parent_element' );

	// Remove tab fixation.
	removeFixation( 'parent_element' );

Codepen Example


This package aims to be:

  • Fully accessible: Complying to the latest WCAG guidelines, to AAA standard.
  • Lightweight: Website load times are key, not only to the ranking of your site, but the user experience. This package will always remain as small as possible, & never weigh you down.

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I’ve got an idea?

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