snake game, the meaning of the game is to sit down as many apples as possible without touching the walls of the field and your tail, each gray-haired apple adds a tail to the snake, which complicates the task, the number of gray-haired apples is also displayed through a variable scope


to move the snake around the map, the dimensions of each square in pixels were calculated and used to dynamically move the snake along each calculated square, depending on the button pressed, the keys were bound to the WASD


a suitable picture in PNG format was selected as a field for a snake, and an icon in the corresponding form as an apple. a snake is just an array consisting of a snake’s head of a separate color and the rest of the body (array).


function drawGame(){
    /* основная функция запуска игры */

    // отрисовка добавленных изображений поля и яблока
    ctx.drawImage(ground, 0, 0);
    ctx.drawImage(foodImg, food.x, food.y);

    // создание змеики 
    for (let i = 0; i < snake.length; i++){
        ctx.fillStyle = i == 0 ? "white" : "green";
        ctx.fillRect(snake[i].x, snake[i].y, box, box);

    // отрисовка счета score
    ctx.fillStyle = "white";
    ctx.font = "50px Arial";
    ctx.fillText(score, box * 2, box * 1.5);

    let snakeX = snake[0].x;
    let snakeY = snake[0].y;

    // появление и поедание яблок
    if (snakeX == food.x && snakeY == food.y ){
        food = {
            x: Math.floor(Math.random() * 17 + 1) * box,
            y: Math.floor(Math.random() * 15 + 3) * box
    } else {


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