Pragma Template

A starter template for creating generative artwork using p5.js


  • A simple framework
  • Live reload on code changes
  • Strong minification/compression
  • Prints minfied bytes and approximate ETH deploy cost on each reload
  • A robust pseudo-random number generator and hashing function (hash)
  • Utilities for color, math, random, and vector to get you started


Clone this repository, move into it, and install its dependencies

git clone
cd pragma-template
npm install


Run one of the following scripts in the same terminal

npm run start

Runs a development server on http://localhost:8081, where changing code in src/ (or www/index.html) will automatically rebuild to www/main.min.js and then reload the page.

Hit Ctrl + C to quit the development server.

npm run build

Produces a final production build zip file to, giving byte and ETH cost stats.

Source Structure

See ./src/ folder:

  • index.js is the main entry point which sets up the p5.js rules
  • util/ is a folder that contains some example utilities (PRNG, color, math)

License & Disclamer



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