carbon is a free and open source software for create shortened URL for free. you can use carbon with github pages or use it on your own server to create urls.

to run carbon you will need python3. config of carbon are set as default so you don`t need to re-configure it.

carbon name came from the shape of carbon molecule! which each atom linked to each other and make a hexgon.


  1. clone the repo
  2. cd carbon and then just type ./
  3. carbon will prompt you a cli which will ask you for link, name, title, desctipiton and a question
  4. the question is that whenever user rich the url, he/she should click on a button to open the link?, or just redirect the user to the actual link immediately?.


all setting are in a single file called read the config doc to learn about it`s variable.



each theme directory will save under the theme directory by default. default theme is carbon_default which is configured in the config. you can save theme in any directory, but just don’t forget to change the DIR variable in the file.

to write your own theme read the doc.



to contribute on this project all you need is read the code doc


you can read full documentation in this link


number pages
0 index
1 configs
2 deploy on github pages ⛏️
3 deploy on server ⛏️
4 how to make your own theme
5 development document
999999 Donate!


thank you for choosing carbon. i hope this program work as well as it should. if you think this stuff worse it, if it’s possible for you, i need donate to keep working on my stuff, if you can please concider any donate. thank you.


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