A template for a Cloudflare worker which serves as a production CDN for a Helix project.

src/index.mjs is the content of the Workers script.

1. Setup Cloudflare production site

Follow the instructions here.

2. Edit wrangler.toml

Update the following entries:

  • route (route for your site, e.g. *.mydomain.com/*)
  • zone_id (your Cloudflare Zone ID)
  • account_id (your Cloudflare Account ID)
  • ORIGIN_HOSTNAME (the hostname of your Helix project, e.g. main--mysite--hlxsites.live)

3. Configure push invalidation (optional)

If you have succesfully configured push invalidation for your project your worker should send the following opt-in header:

X-Push-Invalidation: enabled

All you have to do is to uncomment the respective line in the worker source code.

3. Publish your site

Install wrangler (if you haven’t done so already):

npm i @cloudflare/wrangler -g

Publish your site:

wrangler publish

4. Test your site

Point your browser to your site (e.g. https://www.mydomain.com/).

For troubleshooting you can turn on logging in your terminal:

wrangler tail -f pretty


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