Trouble Shooting

For any issues, visit the #starknet channel in the Immutable X Discord, where I’m frequently active. Alternatively, raise a Github Issue.


This guide is a step-by-step walkthrough of deploying your first NFT project on StarkNet. You’ll be able to mint NFTs and view them in your wallet! It assumes no knowledge about StarkNet. By the end, you’ll have deployed and minted NFTs which you can view on your browser. We’ll be using Immutable X’s NFT contracts as they provide a feature-rich preset.  Let’s start by cloning the template repository and entering it

git clone https://github.com/rzmahmood/StarkNet-NFT-Template.git
cd StarkNet-NFT-Template

We’ll create a virtualenv and activate it, then install our dependencies and compile our contracts:

python3 -m venv cairo-venv
source cairo-venv/bin/activate
npm run setup

Now that we’ve installed our dependencies and setup our contracts, we can review our configuration in hardhat.config.js, where by default we’re using the goerli testnet. We can change network to alpha-mainnet if we’re ready to use mainnet. More information on the configurations can be found here.

We’re using the Immutable X NFT preset for our project. The preset includes the ability to add token metadata, contract metadata, and token royalties. It can also be used for bridging back to L1. You can find more information on it here.

We have a few predefined scripts which cover all the common functionality. First you’re going to want a StarkNet account which you can use to deploy your NFT contract and mint NFTs. All of the scripts will be run while in the virtualenv

1. Create Account

To create an account, simply run the following. It will deploy an account to the network defined in your hardhat.config.js. It will log the address and private key of the account which you can save for later.

npm run create-account

Once you can see the address of the account, visit the official StarkNet goerli faucet and request some testnet Ether to your address. After that, rename the .example.env file to .env and replace STARKNET_PKEY and STARKNET_ADDRESS with your newly created variables.

2. Deploy NFT Contract

Before we deploy the NFT Contract, we need to decide on a few key variables

  • Project Name : The name of the project, e.g. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Project Symbol: The symbol of the project, e.g. BAYC
  • Project Owner Address: The owner of the NFT contract who can mint NFTs
  • Project Royalty Receiver: The address which will receive royalties on trading activity
  • Project Royalty Fee Basis Points (BP): The Royalty fee amount. Example, 500 BP is equal to a 5% royalty.

These variables can be set in the .env. Replace the existing variables with the values you wish to set them to. For most use cases, Royalty Receiver and Owner Address will be the same as your StarkNet Address. After that, run

npm run deploy-nft

This script will log the NFT Token Address and it will give permission to the Project Owner Address to mint NFTs. Save the logged NFT address in the .env file next to PROJECT_NFT_ADDRESS

3. Set NFT Metadata

We’ll be using a baseURI to set the NFT metadata. A baseURI will have the TokenId appended to it to create the full TokenURI for a particular NFT. For example, the Bored Ape Yatch Club Base URI is https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmeSjSinHpPnmXmspMjwiXyN6zS4E9zccariGR3jxcaWtq/

Disclaimer: This has no affiliation with Bored Apes.

Once you have your NFT metadata, set PROJECT_BASE_URI in the .env file as appropriate. Then run the following:

npm run set-metadata

4. Mint NFTs

To mint NFTs, we’ll be using the mintDetails.json file. It is prefilled with random addresses and TokenIDs. We can add more items to the JSON list and modify as required to decide who will receive NFTs and what their tokenIds will be. Once appropriately set and saved, run the following:

npm run mint-nfts

This will mint the NFTs to the appropriate owners. If you have a browser wallet like ArgentX, you can view the NFTs in your wallet in the collectibles section:


Next Steps

Now that you’ve deployed your NFT, you may want to know more about the contract you’ve deployed. For that, visit https://immutablex.medium.com/starknet-contracts-v1-0-ded55d4dcb05 You can also explore the deployed addresses using some browser tools like the Voyager block explorer.  You can also learn more about customizing your NFT! Want to add cool GameFi to your NFT? To customize it, you’ll need to learn more about Cairo and StarkNet. For that visit https://starknet.io/building-on-starknet/ which will guide you to various resources. You can also ask for help in the #starknet channel on the Immutable X Discord


Grant Minting Permissions

Add NEW_MINTER_ADDRESS to the .env file with the Starknet address of the contract which will be allowed to mint NFTs. Then run:

npm run add-minter

Grant Burning Permissions

Add NEW_BURNER_ADDRESS to the .env file with the Starknet address of the contract which will be allowed to burn NFTs. Then run:

npm run add-burner


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