DiscordV13 Template

It is meant to be used as a solid base for your Discord bot, it already comes with a main file, command and event Handler, along with permission verification, command aliases and environment variables.

How to use?

  • Clone or download this repository git clone https://github.com/Nick-Gabe/DiscordV13-template

  • Run the command “npm install” to install all the project dependencies.

  • After that, in the root folder, create a file called “.env”. You will store the variable and sensitive information here. Use the .env.example as an example and fill the .env file you created with your information.

  • Now you need to specify the intents of your bot in the main file. By default it comes with two intents, Guilds and Guild messages.

// main.js - line 4
const client = new Client({
    intents: [
        // Set the permissions your bot needs here
  • After setting them up, customize “package.json” and fill with your project information, also change the name in “package-lock.json”.
  • Now just run the command “npm run dev” and the bot shall start running, and it will automatically restart whenever you make a change to the code. (press Ctrl+C in the terminal to stop it). If you want it to start only once and don’t update when you make changes, instead use “npm start”.


Credits to this repository are not needed, it is free to use. But if this helped you, you can give it a star as a thanks 🙂


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