A template to build web applications


  1. TypeScript – main scripting language of this template.
  2. SASS – main styling language of this template.
  3. Jest – testing your app.
  4. Webpack – bundling your modules.


  1. You should call files in your index.html as if you are in dist folder.
  2. All commands are already set up for you.
  3. Jest will run all test files.
  4. Lint is set up in the default way – set it up how ever you want to suit your coding style.


  1. npm start – build and watch your build
  2. npm run lint – run eslint
  3. npm run lint-fix – fix errors with eslint
  4. npm test – run and watch test files.

How To Use

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. run npm ci in the terminal.
  3. run npm start


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