Voice Application Template

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publish to docker hub

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Please read the documentation on how Fonoster services are created and how to work with them.

Available Versions

{ Keep this as-is, but replace {name} with your Docker image name. }

You can see all images available to pull from Docker Hub via the Tags page. Docker tag names that begin with a “change type” word such as task, bug, or feature are available for testing and may be removed at any time.


You can clone this repository and manually build it.

cd {appname}\:%%VERSION%%
docker build -t fonoster/{appname}:%%VERSION%% .

Otherwise, you can pull this image from the docker index.

docker pull fonoster/{appname}:%%VERSION%%

Usage Example

{ An example of running the voiceapp }

The following is a basic example of using this image.

docker run ...

or with Node:

npm i
npm start

Environment Variables

Environment variables are used in the entry point script to render configuration templates. You can specify the values of these variables during docker run, docker-compose up, or in Kubernetes manifests in the env array.

{Each environment variable might have 1-2 sentences of description. For anything longer, we should probably have a sub-section within Specs to elaborate.}

  • EXAMPLE_VAR2 – Example variable 1. Required
  • EXAMPLE_VAR2 – Example optiona variable

Exposed ports

  • 3000 – Default application port for HTTP


  • /your/file/location – File location
  • /some/special/script.sh – List special scripts

Useful File Locations

  • /some/special/script.sh – List special scripts
  • /magic/dir – And also directories


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on our code of conduct and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


See the List of contributors who participated in this project.


Copyright (C) 2022 by Fonoster Inc. MIT License (see LICENSE for details).


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