DefaultDynamic for Spicetify

This is a tweaked version of the Default theme.
The main differences are the light/dark toggle, the background cover and the dynamic highligh color, ie. it will match the current album art.



Install / Update

Make sure you are using spicetify >= v2.6.0 and Spotify >= v1.1.67.

Windows (PowerShell)

Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing "" | Invoke-Expression

Linux/MacOS (Bash)

curl -fsSL | sh

Manual Install

  1. Download the latest Source code (zip)
  2. Extract the files to your Spicetify/Themes folder (rename the zipped folder to DefaultDynamic)
  3. Copy default-dynamic.js to your Spicetify/Extensions folder
  4. Add the 2 lines in [Patch] section of the config file (see details below)
  5. Run:

    spicetify config extensions default-dynamic.js extensions Vibrant.min.js
    spicetify config current_theme DefaultDynamic
    spicetify config color_scheme base
    spicetify config inject_css 1 replace_colors 1 overwrite_assets 1
    spicetify apply


From Spotify > v1.1.62, in sidebar, they use an adaptive render mechanic to actively show and hide items on scroll. It helps reducing number of items to render, hence there is significant performance boost if you have a large playlists collection. But the drawbacks is that item height is hard-coded, it messes up user interaction when we explicitly change, in CSS, playlist item height bigger than original value. So you need to add these 2 lines in Patch section in config file:

xpui.js_find_8008 = ,(\w+=)32,
xpui.js_repl_8008 = ,${1}28,

Follow system dark/light theme (PowerShell)

Automatic dark mode should work on MacOs and Linux out of the box.
From Spotify > v1.1.70, dark mode is forced in Windows builds. You will need to patch Spotify.exe using this script:

Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing "" | Invoke-Expression

Hide Window Controls:

Windows user, please edit your Spotify shortcut and add flag --transparent-window-controls after the Spotify.exe



Windows (PowerShell)

Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing "" | Invoke-Expression

Linux/MacOS (Bash)

curl -fsSL | sh

Manual Uninstall

  1. Remove Patch lines you added in config file earlier.
  2. Run:

    spicetify config current_theme " " extensions default-dynamic.js- extensions Vibrant.min.js-
    spicetify apply


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