A tiny isomorphic fast function for generating a cryptographically random hex string.

Accoding to this calculator one would have to generate ids at a rate of 1 billion per second for ~83 years to have a 1% probability of finding a collision.


Compared to nanoid there are the following differences:

  • zeptoid is 50% faster.
  • zeptoid has a ~5x bigger space of possible unique strings that could be generated.
  • zeptoid is not customizable in any way, it will always simply output a 32-characters hex string.
  • zeptoid uses only the 16-characters of the hexadecimal alphabet, which makes the ids more human-friendly.


npm install --save zeptoid


import zeptoid, {is} from 'zeptoid';

// Generate ids

zeptoid (); // => 'aceee829076f33f6626a93ad1fcca776'
zeptoid (); // => '39a07eda327e5b52f903d06303ca97be'
zeptoid (); // => '0c1a4d3f273505565a380022fda07edd'

// Check if a string is a zeptoid or not

is ( zeptoid () ); // => true
is ( 'something' ); // => false


MIT © Fabio Spampinato


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