A tool for generating retrospectives for GitHub activity.


Contributing and Development.

To contribute, you’ll need to get a GitHub Personal Access Token and add it to a .env file in eacch workspace that you’re going to work in. dotenv doesn’t currently support workspaces, so you’ll need to do work from each workspace rather than from the root of the project.


As a monorepo, every package has the same set of sub-scripts. This enables us to alias those to monorepo-level scripts. The following aliases are provided:

  • lint: runs each package’s linter.
  • lint:fix: runs each package’s linter and fix any issues that can be automatically fixed.
  • test: runs each package’s tests. Currently there are no tests, but the commands and devDeps are set up.
  • coverage: runs each package’s test coverage. Since there are currently no tests, again this will do nothing despite being properly configured.
  • examples: runs each package’s examples and logs the raw output.
  • examples:output: runs each package’s examples and writes the output to a file.


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