Babylon PostEffect Designer

This tool provides users with full control of post effects adjustments in Babylon.js. You may adjust each field using check box, sliders, and directly inputs. Check real-time rendering to find the combination best suits your needs. You may also download post effect data as JSON and share them with your friends.

Live Demo screenshot screenshot


  • Export/Import post effect data
  • Load custom model from url
  • Multisample/Fast Anti-Aliasing
  • Tone Mapping, Contrast, Exposure
  • Full control of Glow Layer
  • Full control of Color Curves(saturation, hue, density)
  • Full control of Direction Light(color selection, intensity, direction, height)
  • Directional light auto shifting
  • Skybox color selection
  • Full control of Bloom(kernel, weight, threshold, scale)
  • Full control of Depth of Field(blur, level, focus distance, F-stop, focal length)
  • Full control of Chromatic Aberration(ammount, radical intensity, direction)
  • Full control of Sharpen(edge amount, color ammount)
  • Full control of Vignette(multiply, color selection, weight)
  • Full control of Grain(intensity, animated)


Demo models:


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