Getting started


You need to expose the index.html files and the assets folder threw any web server.

Then, change the URL to your external_api.js in the head section of the index.html file (limitation due to CORS)

Note: some configuration parameters are needed, see the next part.


Copy the config_sample.json to config.json at the root of your app.

Available parameters:

  • lang: Lang used by TTS
  • domain: Domain to initiate the room
  • enable_tts: Enable TTS (browser embedded Text To Speach)


To make it work, the user have to specify the room_id (ie. the Jitsi Meet conference name);

To do this, the URL must contains the parameter “room_id=XXXX”;



Translate the TTS data

By default, this app is on french.

Supported translations for now are:

  • fr (French)
  • en (English)

If you want have your own translation, just copy the js/lang/fr.js file into your language (example: de.js), then edit the translations.

Known limitations

At the moment, this tool won’t work if you are using a Jitsi Meet instance with authentication.

We’re working on it!


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