A twitter decentralized application (dapp) where users can upload posts to the network as well as mint their own profile image as NFT. NFT images have a unique hexagon shape.

In depth we are:

  • Building a Web 3.0 Application with Next JS.

  • Auditing our smart contract using Solidity.

  • Styling our app using Tailwind CSS.

  • Adding Web 3.0 authentication using MetaMask.

  • Storing the tweets and users in

  • Mint our own NFT profile picture, upload it on IPFS and store it with Pinata.

  • Deploy and host the app on Vercel.

The deployment is being made on Rinkeby Test Network. A test-net of Ethereum blockchain.

Get FREE test Rinkeby Ethereum here:

Getting Started

First, navigate to the folder where your project will exist:

cd <folder_name>

Then, clone to the project by using the following command:

git clone

Navigate in the project:

cd twitter-web3

Install dependencies:

npm install

Run the development server:

npm run dev

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

Stack Used

- Next.js
- Tailwind
- Javascript
- Typescript
- Solidity
- Sanity
- Ethers
- Metamask
- Pinata

Learn More

To learn more about Next.js, take a look at the following resources:

You can check out the Next.js GitHub repository – your feedback and contributions are welcome!

Deploy on Vercel

The easiest way to deploy your Next.js app is to use the Vercel Platform from the creators of Next.js.

Check out our Next.js deployment documentation for more details.


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