Twiller is a loose clone of a dimmed themed version of Twitter. Twitter allows users to share and post their thoughts, pictures, and interact with others via follows, likes, comments, and replies.

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Tweet Splash Page

Tweet Splash Page

Technologies Used

Getting started

  1. Clone this repository:

    git clone
  2. Install dependencies with the following:

    npm install
  3. Create a .env file using the .envexample provided

  4. Setup your PostgreSQL user, password and database and make sure it matches your .env file

  5. Create Database using the following commands:

npx dotenv sequelize db:create

npm run db:reset

db:reset will create, migrate, and seed your database using scripts.

  1. Now you can use the Demo User or Create an account



  • Guest users can create a new account


  • Users can create a post on Twiller with Words or Pictures
  • Users can read/view other posts
  • Users can update their posts
  • Users can delete their posts


  • Users can create comments on posts
  • users can read/view all of the comments on a post
  • Users can delete their comments on a posts

Future Features


Logged-in Users can

  • Follow other users
  • Be followed by other users


Logged-in Users can

  • Like tweets
  • Like comments


Logged-in Users can

  • view and edit their profile
  • delete their profile
  • view other peoples’ profiles


Logged-in Users can

  • Report other peoples’ tweets as a quoted tweet to be shared to their followers


Logged-in Users can

  • Search for other users and choosed to follow/unfollow


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