terminalSP: a unix terminal inspired startpage

terminalSP is a startpage inspired by many of the wonderful posts on https://reddit.com/r/startpages/ . It functions as a start/home page with the following features:

Live demo available at https://wars2k.github.io/terminalSP/.

  • Easily search common websites – search google, spotify, reddit, youtube, google maps, or add your own custom searches.
  • Create bookmarks organized in locally-stored directories.
    • Ability to set “password” protected directories
  • Choose from 7 distinct themes or edit specific styles directly from the terminal.
  • All data stored in localStorage – no database required.

terminalSP is made entirely out of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and there are no back-end requirements. All data is stored in localStorage, so it’s lightweight and easy to work with.

Contribution guidelines for this project

List of Commands


hello – sends a greeting

clear – clears the terminal

date – outputs current date

help – lists commands


google – searches google

reddit – searches for a specific subreddit

youtube – searches youtube

googlemaps – searches google maps

spotify – searches spotify

twitch – searches twitch


style – changes specific styles of the page. Doesn’t last between sessions

theme – pick between themes. This lasts between sessions

Directory System

cd – change directory

ls – list what’s in the current directory

pwd – present working directory

mkdir – create a new directory

rmdir – remove a directory, but doesn’t delete the bookmarks that were inside of it.

mkpassword – set a password for private directories.

Bookmark shortcuts

make – makes a new shortcut

go – goes to a shortcut that’s been created with make

rm – removes shortcuts from directories and deletes them from local storage.

inspect – displays the link that the shortcut links to


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