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  • discord.js-selfbot-v13 is a Node.js module that allows user accounts (and bot .-.) to interact with the Discord API v9.
  • Fork from this module.

I don’t take any responsibility for blocked Discord accounts that used this module.

Using this on a user account is prohibited by the Discord TOS and can lead to the account block.


Node.js 16.9.0 or newer is required

npm install discord.js-selfbot-v13


const { Client } = require('discord.js-selfbot-v13');
const client = new Client(); // Intents and Partials are already set so you don't have to define them

client.on('ready', async () => {
  console.log(`${client.user.username}  >>  [${client.guilds.cache.size}] guilds || [${client.friends.cache.size}] friends`);


Selfbot feature ?

  • Friends and Block Members
  • Discord Apps Setting [Theme, Language, …]
  • Get Profile GuildMember [Nitro Time, Boost Time, Connected Account, Bio, …]
  • Setting Position Guild and Folder
  • You can request more features for my module by placing an issue!

Links [Discord.js]


Need help?

Contact me in Discord [Shiraori#1782] (UserID: 721746046543331449)

. Vietnamese

  • Tóm lại là module này dùng Discord.js v13, API v9 nên chưa chết sớm đâu, cứ dùng đi =))


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