3D visualization with Three.js on Deno on Desktop

This is a small Deno app that renders a (webkit) webview on desktop. Along with a page running Three.js

This is mostly just a toy, and it is not really good for any serious application yet.

Quick start

Check out deno.json for some uselful tasks:

  • $ deno task dev:watch will run esbuild in watch mode to watch for changes in ./src/index.ts
  • $ deno task dev:start will do the same and also run the webview window

As of now you will have to run a local server to serve ./dist/index.html, otherwise you will see nothing! This feature is being worked on features/server-client at the moment 😀


You should output a “./dist/app.js” bundle with your complete Three.js app. You probably want to keep all of your app code inside “./src”.

The entrypoint is “./src/index.ts”. Keep all of your dependencies referenced inside the src folder. There is an appDeps.ts file for that. Otherwise esbuild will attempt to bundle all dependencies into the output file.

Once you write your app you can bundle it with the ./bundle.jsscript, which uses esbuild. deno run -A ./build.js

Dev tools

I’m working into building a workflow for accessing webkit’s inspector. As well as implementing a basic inspector with html/css. See the feature/dev-tools branch.

You can open the “inspector” (for now just a sliding panel) with shift + i

How to run

Just run deno run -A --unstable --config ./deno.json ./main.ts

(the --config flag may be ommited if Deno uses the deno.json automatically)

If your three.js app is loading assets, you will need to serve ./dist/index.html from a local server. See the header below!

please note: the example app you can currently find on ./dist/app.js will load assets. So you need to use a local server to run the example.

Loading assets

It is necessaty to run a local server from a deno script, and then run the app. (see issue #8)

Work is ongoing on the feature/server-client

Three.js version

I’m importing Three.js form npm into the project. But I’ll manually place it into “./lib/three”

This is the version of Three.js I’m currently using

"dependencies": {
    "@types/three": "^0.141.0",
    "three": "^0.141.0"

Type definitions for Three.js

If you are reading this it is already done! 😀

The “./lib/utils/denoify.ts” script will rewrite the import/export urls into Deno-friendly urls. You don’t need to run it unless you want to import another version of Three.js.

TODO: there are still some minor issues with this (see issues page)

Dependency locking

Use deno cache --reload --lock=lock.json --lock-write ./deps.ts to write/update the dependencies.

And deno cache --reload --lock=lock.json ./deps.ts to check dependencies for integrity

Three.js itself is bundled with this project, until I figure out a better solution!

Webview debugging

Please note, I am using my own fork of Webview (see ./deps.ts) in which I enabled dubugging on the console. Otherwise the current version of the pakage disables it by default (it’s harcoded). I will change back if they enable it 😀

Further improvements

The original intent is to have a Three.js bundle built on Deno. Which is can be run inside a Webview window. And adding a couple of scripts to automate the process.

The idea would be to have a “desktop” solution to make games of 3D apps with Deno. Being able to write everything in TypeScript and running a single command to build and run everything 😀



Do whatever you want with it!


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