Tech Tv

Do you love Science & Technology?😍💙 Well, then you are exactly at the best place where you could learn and build your passion & curiosity for Technology with Tech Tv! A Video Library which helps you learn technologies & use them to build cool projects! 👨‍💻

How to run the app locally?

$ git clone https://github.com/Devansu-Yadav/TechTv.git
$ cd TechTv
$ npm install
$ npm start

Project Screens

  • Video Listing Page
  • Authentication (Login, Signup and Logout) Pages
  • Playlist Management Page
  • Watch Later Page
  • Watch History Page
  • Liked Videos Page
  • 404 (Not Found) Page

Tech Stack & Tools

  • React
  • React Router v6
  • Vanilla CSS integrated with Sapphire Component Library
  • Git for Version Control
  • Deployed on Netlify
  • Cloudinary for CDN(Image hosting)


Tech Tv

Demo Video


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