??‍? Lets Draw ?



1. Lets-Draw

??‍? It is a virtual blackboard, where you can make ? drawings through ? the mouse. You have the option to choose ? colors and line thickness.

2. Realization of the Project

2.1 Design ?

2.1.1 Low Fidelity Prototyping: ?

When defining what content would go on the web page, a rough prototype of the distribution was made, with pencil and paper.

2.1.2 Wireframe: ??

Therefore, in this phase we seek to make a more detailed virtual distribution scheme in Figma.

2.1.2 High Fidelity Prototyping: ??

After having the Wireframe, the web design is made based on styles, color palette, among other resources.


2.2 Result of the project: ?

Below is attached the link to deploy the project.

3. Technologies used ??‍?

3.1 For structure and design:

  • HTML: Following the rules of semantic HTML, the project was structured.

  • CSS: Used to define the visual style of the project.

  • Figma: Platform to create the prototype structures (Wireframe, high-fidelity prototype, mockups).

3.2 For Testing:

  • Jest: Framework to perform unit tests.

3.3 For functionality:

4. Authors: ?


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