Frappe UI Starter

This template should help get you started developing custom frontend for Frappe
apps with Vue 3 and the Frappe UI package.

This boilerplate sets up Vue 3, Vue Router, TailwindCSS, and Frappe UI out of
the box.


This template is meant to be cloned inside an existing Frappe App. Assuming your
apps name is todo. Clone this template in the root folder of your app using degit.

cd apps/todo
npx degit netchampfaris/frappe-ui-starter frontend
cd frontend
yarn dev

The Vite dev server will start on the port 8080. This can be changed from vite.config.js.
The development server is configured to proxy your frappe app (usually running on port 8000). If you have a site named todo.test, open http://todo.test:8080 in your browser. If you see a button named “Click to send ‘ping’ request”, congratulations!

If you notice the browser URL is /frontend, this is the base URL where your frontend app will run in production.
To change this, open src/router.js and change the base URL passed to createWebHistory.



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