A way to link your alts to a discord channel. Run the script on something like a raspberry pi and you can control your alt’s chat, and weather they are online or offline

this is all possible because of mineflayer (


make sure you have node.js + npm installed

npm install mineflayer npm install discord.js npm install dotenv

rename env.txt to just .env

create a discord bot, get it’s token, get your discord server’s ID, and the channel ID of where you want your bot to be located. This can be changed

fill in the missing information inside index.js and inside .env

if you’re joining to a LAN server, make sure to uncomment “port: ” and fill in the correct port number

finally, make sure everything is inside a folder, and run the appropriate “runner” file for your system (if you’re on linux you may have to type “sudo chmod +x linux-runner” into the terminal)

If you cant get the .env file to work on linux, you can replace process.env.EMAIL, process.env.PASSWORD, and process.env.BOT_TOKEN, with their respective values inside of index.js


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