Being in one of the technical chapters of VIT, I and my team realised how chapters and clubs need to continuously engage with their new recruits. Be it giving them guidance on how they can learn a topic or teaching it themselves, they have to maintain a record of events and sessions, so the recruits can follow them and look back at the sessions. Also to maintain their organisation’s record.

What it does

Looking at this, my team proposes a simple but elegant solution that has immense future potential to be a go-to utility tool for any organisation. During its incubation period, the tool provides its users to make minutes of the meeting by simply recording the audio during the session and then processing the text generated from the same. This can help reduce the time of the stakeholders and improve the end result of the meeting that is being conducted.

How we built it

First, we were focusing on the basic plan of what we were actually going to do. We had to decide on our tech stack. So we decided the task into three stages. First is the Ideation, the Second is the Prototyping and Lastly the Backend of the project. Backend involved using Postman, API, Express, Node, MongoDB, etc. Front-End is based on React js Library. For designing, we used the buzz-word Figma and for Flow Charts and Diagrams we used

Challenges we ran into

Being new to the platform, we knew it will be challenging to implement the backend.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Being able to complete what we could in the given amount of time and learning as much as we could.

What we learned

Application and use-cases of, integrating with Front end and communication between it’s APIs and node.

What’s next for Bade-Vichar

Apart from the given feature, other features, like managing attendance, or project assignment to the members have been kept as a future prospect due to lack of time for implementation.

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