Web Face Capture


A free, open-source web tool for you to record your face and turn it into a 3D animation file.

  • Go to the website
  • Allow camera permision
  • Click record and do as many weird faces as you want
  • Download your glb file with awesome animations in it OwO


I clicked download but nothing is downloaded. Help.

Are you using iPhone or iPad? If so, try using a different browser (Safari should work most of the time). And then also check your download folder. If it’s still not working, please open an issue on this page.

I can’t import the glb file into Maya/Unreal/Unity. Help.

Even though as awesome as the file format is, glb/gltf file is still not widely supported by professional tools. The best workflow currently is to convert the file to fbx file format in Blender. Please don’t import glb and export fbx directly while using Blender. Shape keys animations require extra steps to export into fbx file format. I will create a tutorial in the future but right please read this awesome tutorial

How do I quickly view my animation to check if it works or not?

Import it into Blender or any gltf viewer

I wish this function also exist so my life is ultimately better.

Open a new issue 🙂 I’d gladly implement more things.


These are the 3rd party resources used in this project

Facial motion capture SDK – mocap4face by alter

Original 3D model by facecap app


The project is under GNU GPLv3 license. Credits are appreciated.


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