a Web Viewer for Blender.


To get started:

  • Clone the repo
  • Install the add-on for Blender (
  • cd into the viewer folder and run npm install
  • in the same folder, run npm run start to start the server (you will need to keep this open and running while using the plugin)
  • change the path field in the blender add-on to your viewer folder (ie. Users/elia/Documents/BlenderWebViewer/viewer)
  • click export in the blender add-on
  • visit the page localhost:3000 to view your blender scene in your browser

When you move objects around the plugin is going to hot-reload the page but if you add new elements you might have to refresh the page manually.

It currently does not support Area lights.

to do list:

  • find a way to export/import ambient lights / HDRIs
  • add animations to the web viewer
  • convert area lights from blender to three.js
  • port over the blender camera position/rotation/fov to three.js


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