On-chain BNB Property Ownership and Rental



A solidity smart contract + dapp that combines the core features of renting a single property (e.g. an AirBnb rental) with an ERC-20 dividend paying token for multiple owners of the property:

  • a group of owners/investors (shareholders) can buy a property together
  • guests can book and pay rent for the property
  • earnings (rent) can be withdrawn by a shareholder proportionally to their number of shares
  • the dapp supports use cases for both guests and owners

Run the project locally

  1. Clone the project locally:

    git clone https://github.com/mattmasteller/web3-bnb.git
  2. Install dependencies:

    yarn install
  3. Start the local Hardhat node:

    yarn hardhat node
  4. With the Hardhat node running, deploy the smart contract to the local network in a separate terminal window:

    yarn hardhat run ethereum/scripts/deploy.js --network localhost
  5. Copy the contract address from the terminal and assign it to the REACT_APP_CONTRACT_ADDRESS environment variable in the .env file.

  6. Configure .env file inside the root directory:

  7. Launch the frontend client app:

    yarn start

Deployed website


Deployed contract



  • hardhat
  • solidity
  • openzeppelin
  • react
  • ethers
  • chakra-ui


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