SoundLib: A Music Recording Library

SoundLib (abbreviation of sound library), provides a site for users to upload their own music recordings.

Project Introduction

Wechat Authentication

Scan QR Code:

Mobile Wechat Authenticate:

Upload Recordings

Django supports upload files, so this is not a big deal.


Django also supports advanced searching, considering similar vocabulary, weighted words and so on:

User Guide


SoundLib only provides signup and login via WeChat service. Laptop users need to scan a QR code using WeChat on a mobile phone to authenticate. Mobile phone users can authenticate in a pop-up window.

Browse Recordings

Soundlib provides 3 different views.

  • Time Line: this view lists recordings on a timeline in ascending order of upload time.
  • Members: in this view, recordings are grouped by their uploader, a filter can be further adapted to find a specific user.
  • Composers: recordings can also be classified by copmosers of the piece.

Upload Recordings

When an authenticated user want to upload a new recording, he or she can choose the “upload” tab and include required information in the form.

Manage Recordings

To be determined.


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