TV Shows Network

A website that allow users to find, like and comment on different TV shows.

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Live demo:

Live demo


Brief introduction:

Watch this video introducing our webiste.

Getting Started:

To access and change the code on your computer (using GIT):

Note: if you don’t use git, you can download the ZIP of this repository by clicking on the “Code” button above the files list.


  • Open the repository link.
  • Click on the “Code” button, above the files list.
  • Select one of the three options to copy the URL: HTTPS, SSH key and GitHub CLI.
  • Open the Terminal in the directory you want to copy the project.
  • Type git clone, paste the URL you copied, and press enter.


To edit this project:

  • Open the repository you cloned with a code editor that you like.
  • Edit the code as you want.


👤 Gabriel Fonseca

👤 Jésus Vázquez

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This project is MIT licensed.


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