I just needed to organize wc-queue when we go to family trips and made a website with Flask library (for making sample websites using python )

you can test the website here

How to use

  1. Clone the repository and go to directory

  2. Download all required packages with this command (I recommend using a virtual env like pipenv) pip install packages.txt

  3. On terminal you should set “FLASK_APP”. There are diffrent way to that on diffrent OSs

    • windows-powershell $env:FLASK_APP="hello"
    • windows-cmd set FLASK_APP=hello
    • linux export FLASK_APP=hello For Other ones you can search and find
  4. Now you can run the webserver with entering flask run in terminal (if you want to accses that on your local network run flask run --host=

  5. if you want to use the scanner just run this command (before that set Url in qr-reader.py) python qr-reader.py

special thanks to @kiumad for making this buteaful ui (dastet dard nakone)


if you can make a better ui for website just do it, Please.

you can make a pull request or just fork it

here is my discord id : shayan.jeez#4873


now we have a better ui (thanks @kiumad) but I’m ready to see pull requests to make this project better


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