My Favorite Commands :

  • pmpermit – Permission for direct message
  • download – download any video from yt and send it as a voice recording
  • lvl – This bot has a Discord-like level system. Higher level grants access to more commands (with the bot user being an exception having access to all commands)
  • weather – Lookup today’s weather
  • add – add people to a group using their contact cards sent by someone without having to save their number
  • kick – kick anyone by replying to their message with !kick
  • qr – Generate QR from text
  • ai – use this command to talk to SciBot (Yes! SciBot has a brain! )
  • tr – Translate Text
  • ud – Urban Dictionary
  • sticker – Make sticker from Image
  • image – make image from sticker
  • ttt – Start tictactoe against anyone in Whatsapp !
  • revoked – control the deleted messages of anyone in a group 😉
  • ocr – Extract Text from Image
  • info – Get Forward Count & Device it was sent from information about any message.
  • MEMES – This bot contains a looot of commands to make memes instanly on your friends. Type !help and try them all
  • …and the list goes on

Deploy :


Commands :

Send !help Anywhere.

How it works :

  • Open whatsapp web in server using puppeteer
  • Listen messages and take action.

Built using:

License & Copyright :

  • This Project is Apache-2.0 Licensed
  • Copyright 2022 by Devansh Chopra

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