A windows RadioPlayer coded in NodeJS, and built through the terminal!


  • Plays RadioStations (Thanks to MPlayer)
  • Displays Now-Playing information powered by the MetaData most stations send out
  • Comes Pre-installed with a few links so you can try it out
  • WIP Notification system (Thanks to the Node-Notifier module)


Head to the Releases Page ( Download the latest .zip file in the assets section. Then extract and run!

Using the program

  • On start, press enter to go to the Station Select Menu
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate up and down the menus
  • Press enter
  • To add in a new station and save it, go to the assets/data.json folder, and add a streaming link under the customstations section in any slot (you can remove some presets if you wish). Restart Node RadioText and choose the Custom Stations option.
  • To not save it, choose the Other option in the Station Select menu, and type in the link. Hit enter once you’re done.

Getting streaming links

You can find a list of streaming links at (Node Radiotext isn’t affliated in any way btw). Search for your favourite radio station and copy the URL bit.


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