A zola theme with no javascript and unnecessary css dependency at all.


  1. Download zola
  2. Fork this repo and change repo’s name
  3. clone your repo
  4. cd && run zola serve
  5. change anything you want in config.toml and git push. If your repo’s name is <>, then base_url = https://<yourgithubname>, else https://<yourgithubname><reponame>
  6. In repo settings-Pages, choose source gh-pages. Wait a minute and check or


No unnecessary dependency

On the basis of great work of simple.css and Nicole White, only 10KB css file is needed (2.91KB transfered if you minify it ), no jQuery or Bootstrap at all.

  • one html (1.46KB transfered / 1.86KB size)
  • one css (3.91KB transfered / 10.42KB size)
  • optional GitHub/mail/rss icons
  • optional favicon

In my personal blog, I make these svgs and favicon inlined to html so that only two requests required:

  • one html(6 icons included) (5.97KB transfered / 10.05KB size)
  • one css (2.91KB transfered / 7.08KB size)

Zola is able to minify html and I minified css manually.


Thanks simple.css



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