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An extension was made by the Kyokan team. Bob Extension supports the federalist protocol and a plethora of other features including Handshake wallet support! This is highly recommended to use moving forward. This repo will be updated soon to support webrtc.

Short Description

federalist uses webtorrent with BEP 46 and Handshake domain resolution to access truly decentralized, unblockable swarm websites.

Long Description

federalist is a proof of concept to show that it’s possible, today, to create a decentralized, uncensorable and generally unblockable, distributed high performance
viewable page. federalist achieves this by using several amazing technologies and weaves them together:

  • WebTorrent – Provides torrenting capabilities and the bulk of the system. federalist pages are torrents that are
    distributed via magnet links and DHT is used to find peers.

  • DMT – Reference implementation of decentralized mutable torrents, BEP 46.

  • Handshake – Provides decentralized DNS

  • nodeJS – Provides the Javascript engine built on V8 by Chrome

  • Electron – Provides the GUI

  • Chromium – Electron uses this really cool software to deliver GUI applications that can be made with HTML, CSS and Javascript.


  • Update your unblockable swarm site without updating your DNS, as often as you’d like.

  • Use HTML, CSS and Javascript

  • Unblockable


This software is a POC and is in version 0.1a. This is an upgrade from the previous version which worked with markdown files and only immutable destinations.


Federalist Screenshot

Use Cases

  • Create an unblockable blog

  • Whistleblow (must use an anonymizer)

  • Share information

  • Share meta information about other torrents

  • Create an unblockable personal link site

  • Save bandwidth and CDN costs


The federalist app is used to browse. You can use the publius app to share/seed your page and get the infohash to which an on-chain Handshake name will be resolved.



  1. Clone this repo

git clone https://github.com/publiusfederalist/federalist
cd federalist
  1. Install npm modules
npm install
  1. Run federalist
npm start
  1. Access a decentralized, unblockable swarm site.

which points to:



Please make an issue on github for any bugs or feature requests. To discuss more,
join #scarywater on irc.freenode.net.

Copyright and License

(c) 2021 Publius



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