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Klik lets you add keyboard click events to any element.

Use this when you make clickable divs in JavaScript.

// 😭
div = document.createElement("div")
div.role = "button"
div.tabIndex = 0

// 🤩

Open this example on CodePen

What will it cost you? The script contributes up to 345 bytes, 228 bytes minified, or 163 bytes gzipped.


Include Klik in your project.

import "https://unpkg.com/klik"

Alternatively, use it as a global klik object.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/klik/global"></script>

Alternatively, use it with npm:

// npm install klik
import "klik"

That’s it. Now give your clickable things proper keyboard click behavior.

How it works

Klik adds a shared event listener to the keydown and keyup events on a given element. This listener fires the click event when any correct keyboard “click” occurs, which is:

  • A keydown event triggered by the Enter key.
  • A keyup event triggered by the Space key, but only without the Alt key.

Klik uses the same event listener on all given elements and events to maximize memory efficiency.


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