History Submenus II ([email protected])

Add sub-menus to History Menu for previous days’ history. Add-on Page (web archive)

Note: There is no setting panel and you need to modify the parameters inside the .js file, including:

  • MAX_RESULTS – Count of items listing directly in the History menu.
  • SUBMENU_COUNT – Count of sub-menus.
  • DATE_FORMAT – The format of the name of sub-menus.

screenshot screenshot

Page Title in URL Bar ([email protected])

Show page title in URL Bar. Add-on Page (web archive)


  • SHOW_DOMAIN – Whether to display the domain nearby the lock icon or not.
  • SHOW_SUB_TITLE – Whether to display the url path after the page title or not.
  • SHOW_URI_ON_HOVER – Whether to display the url temporarily when mouse hovering or not.
  • DECODE_HASH_AND_SEARCH – Whether to decode the hash and the query part or not, e.g. /index.html#hello%20world to /index.html#hello world.


Semi-Full Screen / Picture-in-Picture Mode ([email protected])

Full screen with keeping your task bar visible, or hide the toolbars when not maximized (picture-in-picture). Add-on Page (web archive)

CAUTION: This version of Semi-Full Screen is not tested on Mac OS and Ubuntu (Linux). It is probably glitchy or simply doesn’t work at all.



  • F11 / Full Screen Button – Hide the toolbars and enter picture-in-picture mode.
  • Ctrl + F11 / Ctrl + Full Screen Button – Mazimize the window and enter semi-full screen mode, taskbar and sidebar (if any) will keep visible.
  • Shift + F11 / Shift + Full Screen Button – Enter normal full screen mode.


  • REVERSE – Whether to use F11 for semi-full screen and Ctrl + F11 for picture-in-picture or not.

Float Toolbars in Full Screen ([email protected])

Float the toolbars over the page in full screen mode, instead of making the web page jumpy when the toolbars showing / hiding. Add-on Page (web achive)

CAUTION: This version of Float Toolbars in Full Screen is not tested on Mac OS and Ubuntu (Linux). It is probably glitchy or simply doesn’t work at all.



A modified version of MultiRowTab-scrollable.uc.js (version 12/02/2021), with some minor bug fixes for better drag & drop and full screen browsing experience. Just for my personal use and may not follow the fixings of the original one.


Display the Undo Close Tabs, Recently Closed Tabs, Recently Closed Windows and Restore Previous Session at the top of tabbar context menu.


Restart Firefox by middle-clicking on the Exit button in Application menu.


Display scrollbar for long menus (Bookmarks menu, for instance), instead of arrows at the top and bottom.


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