Admin Dashboard UI with functionality and NextJS API Routes.

Project Demo here!


  • Project made possible with NextJS
  • Fully functional UI made with Mantine
  • Support of Mantine modals, drawers and notifications
  • Mock up data with example users and messages


Planned Features / Todos

  • Online Project Demo ✔️
  • Fully implemented NextAuth authentication with protected routes and custom login page ❌
  • Extension of API routes and implementation ❌
  • Database implementation (most likely MySQL with Prisma) ❌
  • Language selector (English + Hungarian) ❌

How to use local version?

  1. Clone repository
    git clone

  2. Go to folder
    cd <name of the new folder>

  3. Install dependencies
    npm install

  4. Start development server
    npm run dev

  5. Visit localhost:3000 in your browser!

  6. Enjoy!


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