FiveM Admin Panel

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  • Warning
  • Kicking
  • Commending
  • Note Players
  • Temporary Banning
  • Permanent Banning
  • Playtime Tracking
  • Trust Score System
  • Indepth Web-UI
  • Indepth API
  • Custom Server Action Buttons
  • Some Statistics
  • Multiple Servers
  • First Joined
  • Last Played
  • Add/Remove Staff Menu
  • Add/Remove Server Menu
  • Edit Panel Menu
  • Warnings/Kicks/Bans Logging
  • Discord Logs Via Webhooks
  • Advanced Permissions System
  • Player IP Tracking/Viewing (Permission Based)
  • In-Game Commands
  • One-Click Unbanning
  • Removing Records
  • Recent Players
  • Per Staff Statistics
  • User Search
  • Staff Statistics
  • Much More

Upcoming Features

  • Have an idea? Suggest it in our Discord.


  • Web Server w/ PHP
  • Server Requirements: CURL, File Get Contents URL, Outbound URL Access (Some hosts block outbound requests/port 30120), BCMath
  • MySQL Database
  • Steam API Key (
  • Support for Cron Jobs


  • Install the web files in the httdocs folder of xamp or in the www folder of wamp64, then open the api and replace the api url in the .html files.


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