October AJAX Framework

This repository contains the AJAX framework of October CMS. If you want to build a website using October CMS, visit the main October CMS repository.

Installation outside October CMS

Your application can use the octobercms npm package to install the AJAX Framework as a module for build tools like webpack.

  1. Add the octobercms package to your application.
npm install --save octobercms
  1. Require and start the Framework in your JavaScript bundle.
var oc = require('octobercms');// Make an AJAX requestoc.ajax('onDoSomething');// Enable data attributes APIoc.AjaxFramework.start();// Enable extra featuresoc.AjaxExtras.start();// Enable turbo routingoc.AjaxTurbo.start();


The October CMS platform is licensed software, see End User License Agreement (EULA) for more details.


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