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All in one i18n extension for VSCode

All in one i18n extension for VSCode


Vue i18n Ally is now i18n Ally! Please check out Changes and Migration

Supported Frameworks

Frameworks will be auto-detected when one of the dependencies can be found in the project.

Framework Status Trigger Packages
Vue vue-i18n, vuex-i18n, vue-i18next, nuxt-i18n
Vue SFC i18n @kazupon/vue-i18n-loader
React react-i18next, react-intl, next-i18next
Angular(ngx-translate) @ngx-translate/core
Flutter(flutter_i18n) flutter_i18n
Ember.js ember-intl
VSCode Extension @types/vscode, vscode
i18next i18next
i18nTag es2015-i18n-tag
Joomla joomla/application
Chrome Extension manual config by "i18n-ally.enabledFrameworks": "chrome-ext"
Rails rails-i18n
Angular(native) Vote Here
🎎 Custom For almost any frameworks! How to...

If you would like to make it work for frameworks not listed above, you can:

⚡ Features

Inline annotation

Hover & Direct actions

Manage all translations in one place

Translations missing report

Multiple formats supported

Refactors & Auto translate

Extract translations from code

Annonation for JSON and YAML


  • Multi-root workspace supported
  • Remote development supported
  • Supports numbers of popular frameworks
  • Supports linked locale messages
  • i18n for the extension itself, of course. Translation List

📜 Supported Locale Formats

Format Read Write Annonations Note
YAML Comments will NOT preserved*
JSON5 Comments will NOT preserved*
INI Comments will NOT preserved*
JavaScript Forced in readonly mode
TypeScript Forced in readonly mode

* Due to the limitation of yaml.dumps(#196) and JSON5.stringify(#177), comments in YAML and JSON5 will be OMITTED on any modification by this extension (editing, translating, etc). If you are using comments in your locale files, you can turn on readonly mode by i18n-ally.readonly to prevent lossing comments.

📂 Directory structure

You can have locales directory structured like this with zero-configuration

  locales         # i18n, langs, locale are also acceptable
  ├── en.json
  ├── de-DE.json
  ├── zh-CN.yml   # YAML
  ├── zh-TW.ts    # You can mix different formats
  ├── ...
  └── <contry-code>.json


  ├── en
  |   ├── common.json
  |   ├── buttons.json
  |   ├── ...
  |   └── <filenames>.json
  ├── de-DE
  |   ├── common.json
  |   ├── buttons.json
  |   └── ...
  └── <contry-code>
      ├── common.json
      ├── buttons.json
      └── ...

⚙ Common Configurations

All fields should add prefix "i18n-ally." in the setting.

Field Default Description
sourceLanguage en The primary locale for the project. It will also be the source language on translating
displayLanguage en Displaying language in annotations and tree views
localesPaths auto Locales directory path, relative to root of the project. Can also be an array of paths. Glob patterns are acceptable
sortedKeys false Sorting keys alphabetically on saving
keystyle auto Key style in your locale files, can be flat({"a.b.c": "..."}) or nested({"a": {"b": {"c": "..."}}})
readonly false Work on readonly mode. Translating and editing will be disabled
annotations true Enabling inline annotations
keepFulfilled false Always keep all keys fulfilled with empty string
enabledFrameworks auto You can specify what frameworks support you would like to enable. If no value is set, the extension will detect frameworks automatically
indent 2 Indentation size for your locale files
tabStyle space Tab style for your locale files
promptTranslatingSource false Prompt to select source locale on translating every time. If set false, the source language in the config will be used

🔩 Advanced Configurations

Field Default Description
filenameMatchRegex null Accept a regex allows you to map the filenames. The first group in regex should be the locale code

✌ Recommend Setup

To get best experience of this extension (and other translation services as well). We recommend you to use the following setup:

  • Use JSON or YAML as your locale files. (Although other formats are supported as well, JSON and YAML works best for statical analysis)
  • With following configurations allows you to keep synced through all the locales.
  "i18n-ally.sortedKeys": true,
  "i18n-ally.keepFulfilled": true,

🌍 Help translate this extension

This extension itself supports i18n as well, it will be auto matched to the display language you used in your vscode editor. We have supported following languages.

Language Maintainer Contributors
English @antfu @rubjo
Simplified Chinese (简体中文) @antfu
Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) @antfu
Norwegian (Norsk) @rubjo
Spanish (Español) @Baltimer
Japanese (日本語) @isdh
Dutch (Nederlands) @Niekvdm
Portuguese (Brazilian) @Ibcs16
Français @Nicoxx45

If you would like to help translate this extension, you can do it by following steps.

  1. Fork this repo and clone it to you local machine
  2. Copy package.nls.json to package.nls.<locale-code>.json in the root of the repo
  3. Translate every single message in the new json file you created.
  4. You may also update the table above in README.md
  5. Commit changes and make a PR to this repo

We recommend you to use vscode with i18n-ally. It supports i18n for vscode extension development which can help you translate itself 😁.

🎯 Troubleshooting

Extension doesn't work/show up (There is no icon in activity bar)

This extension support numerous of frameworks, be sure the framework you are using is in the list.

Besides, package.json is relied on detecting which framework you are using. It should be at the root of your project as well.

I can see the icon in activity bar, but nothing show up

  1. Locales path config missing. locales path will be detected automatically at the first time you open a project. If the nothing show up, you may need to configure it manually. There are two ways to do that:
    • Open Command Palette (Ctrl-Shift-P or ⌘⇧P), type i18n Ally: Manual configure locales path then press enter and follow the guide.
    • Goto to the settings of VSCode and set i18n-ally.localesPaths manually.
  2. The source / displaying locale. The default locale is set to English(en). If you don't have English in your supporting locales, you may need to config it through command i18n Ally: Change source language
  3. Check your Directory structure

I am working on a monorepo and the extension can not detect my project

Usually, i18n ally looks for your package.json file at the root of your project. If you don't have it at the root, you can always specify the framework(s) you are using by i18n-ally.enabledFrameworks config.

Advanced folder directory configurations

In some cases, you may use modules, monorepo or other philosophies to organize your locale files.

For example, you have following directory structure need to be config.

  ├── pkgA
  |   └── i18n
  |       ├── en.messages.json
  |       ├── zh-CN.messages.json
  |       └── ...
  ├── pkgB
  |   └── i18n
  |       ├── en.messages.json
  |       ├── zh-CN.messages.json
  |       └── ...
  └── ...

You could change your config like this:

  "i18n-ally.localesPaths": [
  "i18n-ally.filenameMatchRegex": "^([\\w-]*)\\.messages\\.json",




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