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Basic Components

These are the components outlined in ZoomX site. All ZoomX components support these.


  • Landing page
  • Products page
  • Cart page
  • login & Register page
  • Checkout page
  • Payment page
  • categories pages


ZoomX.com Official


alt text

Landing page

Syntax Description
Header Drop Down Header
Footer Static Footer
Middle Slider, Images
Description Read More

alt text

Products page

Syntax Description
All Products Products By All Categories
Add to Cart Add Any Product to Cart
Color Red, Blue, Green etc.

alt text

Cart page

Syntax Description
View Cart Check Your cart
Checkout From Cart Buy Selected Items

alt text

login & Register page

Syntax Description
Register Ask for user details
Login Use user Details to login thier account

alt text alt text

Checkout page

Syntax Description
Add Details Ask for Extra Details to Proceed

alt text

Payment page

Syntax Description
Payment Methods Paymant Details

alt text

Categories Page

Syntax Description
All categories Check Your categories

alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text


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