Harmony VPK Tool

An electron-based app for unpacking Respawn VPK files.

Super-fast and made with ♥

Why use Harmony VPK Tool over cra0’s VPKTool?

It’s over 2x faster and looks nicer

Unpacking englishclient_mp_smugglers_cove.bsp.pak000_dir.vpk took 34.73s Unpacking the same VPK took cra0’s took 1:15, over twice as long


Builds are generated by GitHub Actions on every commit.

You can also download the latest release


  1. Build TFVPKTool and place the contents of the dist directory in tfvpktool (Building TFVPKTool on linux is currently undocumented but is possible)
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run npm run compile:windows to build a portable .exe if you are on windows or npm run compile:linux to build an AppImage if you are on linux.


Uses TFVPKTool to unpack files from VPKs.

TFVPKTool version: v0.2.0


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