taxi-rank-app (Alpine JS)

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  • Some local taxi associations want to streamline the queues at local taxi ranks. They want to create an app that shows/organizes queues. They are starting at one rank.
  • They would like to show the number of people queueing for each route. Once a given number of people is in the queue and a taxi is in the queue the taxi leaves and the number of people in the queue goes down, a taxi can’t leave if there are not enough people in the queue. The app should have the ability to increment or decrement the number of people in a queue.


  • Keep count of the number of taxis leaving each queue.
  • Keep count of the total taxi fare for each trip and overall total for the day.
  • Ensure that your app is responsive and does not add duplicates and negative values.
  • Store data in localStorage so that data is retained after a screen refresh.
  • Add the ability to add more destinations.
  • What would if take to add more Taxi ranks?


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